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A Manchester, NH man convicted of his 10th DWI offense was sentenced to two to five years in state prison. Police arrested the man on September 8, 2009 in Newmarket, New Hampshire after he drove a stolen Jeep through town and crashed into a tree behind a local residence.

Police reported that he was visibly intoxicated and had an open bottle of vodka in the driver’s compartment. Upon his arrest, the driver proceeded to spit in the responding officer’s face and yelled belligerent insults and profanities at the officers as they transported him to the police station. According to the police, the man’s level of impairment at the time made it difficult or unsafe to conduct a field sobriety test.

The man pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property, conduct after an accident, simple assault on an officer and drunken driving. In addition to his prison sentence, the man’s license is being suspended for three years, and he is required to install an ignition interlock system once his driving privileges are restored.

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