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Being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in New Hampshire—especially a motorcycle DWI—can be very confusing and overwhelming, but what happens after you have been arrested? What does the state need to prove its case against you in court in a motorcycle DWI arrest? New Hampshire criminal defense attorneys Tenn And Tenn, PA explain.motorcycle-pulled-over-by-police-300x200

Motorcycle DWI Evidence Presented in a New Hampshire Court

There is certain evidence that is gathered and presented to the New Hampshire court when the state is trying to prove its case against you after you have been arrested for a motorcycle DWI. The evidence generally falls into five different categories.

  • Driving symptoms or observed driving patterns;
  • Personal behavior and appearance;
  • Field sobriety tests;
  • Incriminating statements; and
  • Chemical tests.

Observed Driving Patterns, Personal Behavior, & Incriminating Statements

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