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The Holiday Season: A Dangerous Time on American Roadways

The holidays bring with them a mood of merriment and leisure, as we begin to wind down and collect ourselves from a hectic year. Loved ones rejoin their families, eggnog and other libations flow freely, airports and highways seem to bust at the seams with swells of determined travelers. However, there are at least a few unfortunate side effects that occur when we combine these factors. The uptick in parties and festivities, accompanied by the increase in air and ground traffic, mean that our roadways become considerably more dangerous this time of year. Although the hazard of drinking and driving is prevalent on many other holidays (St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day), the relative concentration of holidays makes for a particularly dangerous stretch, beginning Thanksgiving weekend and ending New Years Day. This state of affairs often puts law enforcement on edge, with local news outlets around the country usually reporting that DUI patrols in their area are set to increase over the holiday season.avoid-holiday-dui-300x200

Holiday Drunk Driving Trends

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