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The number of citations and arrests New Hampshire police made over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend wasn’t unusual for this time of year, according to a recent article in the Nashua Telegraph. This year, however, nobody lost their lives in an auto accident over the holiday, continuing New Hampshire’s trend toward making 2011 the safest road travel year the state has yet seen.

Police stopped a total of 3,651 vehicles on New Hampshire roads from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through the Sunday after Thanksgiving. About 840 of these stops resulted in tickets for speeding. A total of 34 stops, or about 1 percent of the total, resulted in arrests on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). This number is slightly lower than the New Hampshire average of 8 DUI arrests per day.

According to the New Hampshire State Police, publicizing their increased enforcement efforts over Thanksgiving and encouraging other drivers to call police if they see suspicious or dangerous driving behavior has contributed to the decrease in both arrests on suspicion of DUI and traffic accident deaths. Police say drivers are more likely to think twice before getting behind the wheel if they’ve had alcohol, and drivers also drive more carefully if they know police are out in force or sobriety checkpoints have been set up.

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