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An early morning car crash on Interstate 293 in New Hampshire sent three people to area hospitals with injuries.  A Salem man is now facing DUI charges. buzzed driving

A car sped by a NH State Trooper at a high rate of speed. The Trooper pursued the vehicle and had the car in view when it crossed the center lane. The driver was stopped, field sobriety tests were administered, and the driver was subsequently arrested for DUI.

If this or a similar scenario happened to you or a loved one, you’re  probably trying to determine what options you have. Perhaps you submitted to a breath test, or had your blood alcohol content checked; or you maybe you refused the breath or blood tests and were charged with DUI anyway. And because you refused the chemical test, you face mandatory license suspensions because of the refusal. So, even though you may win the NH dui charge, you still may find your driving privileges suspended. If you find yourself charged with dui in NH, you will want to have an experienced DUI attorney by your side.

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