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Heroin Addiction in New Hampshire – Heroin Epidemic in NH

There’s a disturbing trend going on in the Granite State, and has exceeded the fatality rate over traffic accident related deaths.  According to latest statistics, heroin and other addictive substances killed about 300 people last year. Out of those deaths, 97 were caused by heroin addiction or its variants and combinations. Heroin

Even in a small town like Dover, there have been seven drug-related deaths in the last six months, averaging about two overdoses a week.

Several possible factors account for the heroin epidemic, such as the recession which causes depression enough for people to turn to drugs for comfort.  The state also seems wanting in terms of state resources for prevention and treatment education, as well as imposition of tighter measures on heroin prescriptions.  According to some sources, the drug is quite easy to manufacture in clandestine laboratories.  Implementation of drug laws in the state didn’t seem adequate to curtail drug abuse.

Heroin Users & Stereotypes

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