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In New Hampshire, a couple may divorce if they both live in New Hampshire or if one spouse has lived in New Hampshire for at least one year. A spouse may file for a no-fault divorce or may state one of thirteen separate grounds for at-fault divorce, such as extreme cruelty or abandonment.

A New Hampshire divorce begins when one spouse serves the other with a Libel for Divorce, which is a court document explaining that a divorce is being sought, the grounds for the divorce, and what assets and children the couple has. It will include the date on which an answer to the Libel for Divorce is due. The answer explains the other spouse’s side of the divorce dispute. The Libel for Divorce may also include the date and time for a hearing.

The amount of time it takes for a New Hampshire divorce to become final varies, depending on the couple’s disputes and whether they have any children. An uncontested divorce with no children may be granted in as little as three months, while a hotly disputed divorce with children may take a year or more.

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