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Students who are newly graduated from schools and universities in New Hampshire and who are intent on continuing their studies in graduate schools can face additional obstacles in their future if they have a criminal conviction on their record. Even if this blemish was not serious, and even if it happened years ago, it can impact your ability to gain admission into the graduate program of your dreams. Even if you do get in, a criminal background can prevent you from getting the financial aid that you need.criminalrecord-1

These are just one more example of the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction.

The Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

Contrary to popular belief, if you get convicted of a crime, the penalties that you will face go beyond just the fines, jail time, and probation that the state will put you through. Once those are all finished, there are still the informal penalties and the social stigmas that individual people and companies will impose on you.

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