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Laconia Motorcycle Week moves another year closer to the century mark with its 92nd annual celebration. Bikers who ride safe will hopefully return to bike week for many years to come. Laconia Bike Week
More than 400,000 riders will descend on this central New Hampshire town and lakes region beginning June 13 for the weeklong, world class rally. With a full slate of events, celebrations and parties, motorcyclists can easily get lost in the excitement and forget essential safety rules to avoid a motorcycle accident and or DUI arrests. A little bit of caution will keep you on your bike enjoying your ride.

Do some planning before heading out to parties and gatherings. Keep these tips in mind:

  • If you plan to drink, park your bike. Arrange transportation with a friend or plan to stay overnight at the party site. These plans are easier to make before you take that first drink.
  • Eat before you drink. Alcohol on an empty stomach is absorbed much faster, and you will get intoxicated much more quickly.
  • Limit what you drink and stop a few hours before you leave. You know your limits, so keep track of what you’re drinking and stop when you need to.
  • Focus more on the company than on drinking. You may only see these friends once a year at the rally, make the most of it.

Drinking alcohol isn’t limited to nighttime gatherings and parties. Bike Week festivities feature many beer tents among the food stalls, motorcycle displays and merchandise tents. You can easily lose track of just how many stops at the beer tent you have made. Make a mental note of how much you drink throughout the day, and stop a few hours before it’s time to pack up and head back to the hotel or camp site. Stop and listen to some music at the Big Entertainment Tent outside Laconia Roadhouse or pick up some free coffee at the White Church.

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Simple Assault in New Hampshire

 Simple assault in NH is generally characterized as the unprivileged physical contact of another person. Under NH law, Simple Assault is a misdemeanor offense.  State prosecutors and law enforcement agencies have the discretion to charge Simple Assault as a class “A” or a class “B” misdemeanor.  A class “A” misdemeanor conviction carries a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail and a $2,000 fine.  A class “B” misdemeanor conviction carries a maximum fine of $1,200 dollars. If you are charged with Simple Assault, contact the NH Criminal Defense Attorneys at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. in Manchester, NH to discuss your criminal charge and protect your legal rights.

simpleassault NH Simple Assault Laws