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Getting convicted of a crime is not a small matter because it typically leads to fines, probation, and even jail time. However, not everyone is aware that there are also collateral consequences of a criminal conviction—those that are not doled out by the state of New Hampshire but rather by private individuals and companies.criminalrecord2-c-300x200

One of these collateral consequences is on the housing front. Many landlords frown upon prospective tenants who have a criminal background, making it more difficult for people with a past conviction to live where they want to live. For recent graduates in New Hampshire, this can be a surprising problem to have.

Primary and Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

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A Massachusetts man has been arrested and charged with violating New Hampshire’s laws dealing with identity fraud. The incident highlights how the vagueness of identity fraud laws allows prosecutors to go after innovative techniques, but can also put innocent people into serious trouble.idtheft-300x133

Local Man Arrested and Charged With Identity Fraud

Last month, 39-year-old Maxherve Fleurme was arrested at Boston’s Logan Airport as he tried leaving the U.S. for Haiti. He was extradited to New Hampshire last week and was arraigned in the Derry District Court.

Mr. Fleurme is charged with identity fraud after, according to police, he stole enough personal information from several Londonderry residents to order debit cards in their names. He would then monitor the residents’ mailboxes and take the debit card out when it was delivered. Police said he then used these new debit cards at ATM machines to steal over $4,800 in cash. Continue reading →

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The state of New Hampshire is finally eyeing a change to its bail system, which has long been stacked against poor people. The judicial system is taking a look at the 3DaysCount campaign, which aims at reducing the number of people being held in pretrial detention simply because they cannot afford the cost of posting bail. If adopted, the change could work wonders for the world of criminal defense.Bail-Project-300x225

The Problem of Bail

If you get arrested for a relatively serious crime, you’ll be held in jail as a guarantee that you will be there for your arraignment. At the arraignment, though, the judge will “set bail”: He or she will look at a handful of factors – including the seriousness of your crime and the perceived likelihood that you will try to disappear before trial – and decide how much money you will have to post in order to get out of jail until trial. If you then fail to show up at a court hearing, that bail money will be forfeited to court. If you make it through trial without an absence, it will be returned to you.

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Willful Concealment / Shoplifting in New Hampshire

Shoplifting in New Hampshire, otherwise known as willful concealment, is a misdemeanor criminal offense. NH retail stores have seen a rise in shoplifting cases over the past few years, in part due to the worsening economy.  Willful concealment involves concealing the merchandise or goods of another while on the premises of a store. Typically, the loss prevention officer will stop you and immediately demand the return of the unpaid items. The local police will also be called and you will be arrested at the scene.

Willful Concealment is a Misdemeanor offense in New Hampshire. A misdemeanor criminal record for shoplifting has many negative consequences including possibly preventing you from obtaining a good job.  The criminal defense lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. have represented many individuals charged with shoplifting and willful concealment. A shoplifting conviction carries significant penalties including heavy fines, no-contact with the retail establishment and possible jail time.  Because the penalties can be harsh, it is important that you have counsel by your side.

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