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Imagine you’ve been divorced for a few years now in New Hampshire, and despite a contentious beginning to the new relationship with your ex, things are now running smoothly and the two of you are able to co-parent cooperatively. You are both happy with the custody arrangement–transferring the two children to and from each other’s homes goes easily, and you are dutifully making your child support Continue reading →

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In New Hampshire, child support orders can be modified to reduce or increase child support payments. There are two different situations when the parties subject to a child support order can request a modification. First, every three years the parties will automatically receive a notice informing them that they have the right at that time to request an adjustment. Second, you can request a modification when there is a substantial change in circumstances that makes the original order unfair.childsupport74-300x200

How Do I Show a Substantial Change in Circumstances?

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