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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has been passing and enforcing stricter rules when it comes to toy safety. As a result, fewer children have been injured by defective toys in the U.S. this year, a trend the CPSC expects to continue through the holiday season.

In 2010, about 181,500 children were injured and 17 were killed in toy-related accidents. Most injuries were suffered on riding toys, like scooters, and involved either bruises and scrapes or head injuries. Stricter safety standards for these toys have helped decrease some of the risks, but parents are still encouraged to put helmets and pads on children who ride scooters, bicycles, skateboards, and similar toys. Helmets in particular help protect a child’s growing brain from traumatic brain injuries.

Other toys that have caused injuries in recent years had unacceptably high levels of toxic heavy metals, like lead or cadmium. Several new CPSC regulations target the use of heavy metals in children’s toys, requiring toy manufacturers to eliminate or strictly limit the use of lead and similar toxins in toy making.

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Infants begin learning about their environment almost from the moment they are born. As they get older, babies begin crawling and then walking, frequently showing curiosity about the people and things they find. Unfortunately, while an infant’s curiosity is high, his understanding of danger is very low. As a result, infants face particular accident and injury risks that older children may be able to avoid.

According to Safe Kids USA, a recent study of 990 infants treated at hospital emergency rooms found that falls caused 61 percent of the infants’ injuries. Falling off furniture was most common. Falling out of a car seat was also common, and the risk of serious injuries increased dramatically if the child fell out of an improperly secured car seat during a crash. Even if a car seat is secured properly, infants are at a higher risk of head and neck injuries in a car crash than older children because their necks have not yet developed sufficiently to support the weight of their heads.

Burn injuries also account for a great number of infant injuries. Infants are at a greater risk of suffering serious burns than adults because their skin is more delicate. According to Safe Kids USA, an infant can suffer a serious burn in one-quarter of the time it takes an adult to suffer the same serious burn.

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