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Whether you’re driving a few short blocks away from your New Hampshire home or you’re enjoying a scenic drive along one of NH’s many mountainous highways, there’s always the potential for an accident to happen.

Moreover, despite recent events, the number of auto accidents and associated injuries seems to be spiking.

The New Hampshire Office of Highway Safety found that the first half of 2020 featured a 70% increase in traffic-related fatalities compared to previous years. This doesn’t even touch on the number of life-changing injuries that can happen in conjunction with an auto accident. In the U.S. alone, nearly 3 million people experience auto accident injuries every year. 2 million of those people experience permanent effects as a result.

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It’s summertime and people are on the go for vacation or work. Oftentimes, night driving is preferred because it’s cooler and there’s less traffic. But nighttime brings inherent dangers to driving, and this worsens with the weather, like a sudden thunderstorm.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you drive in or through New Hampshire this summer at night.driving-with-headlights-300x200

Tip No. 1: Follow the rules of the road.

This may seem obvious – and it is – but for safe night driving, it is all the more imperative to follow the rules of the road. At night, you have limited sight distance. Use your headlights. Refrain from tailgating. Do not speed.

When you do not follow these and other rules of the road, you place yourself, your passengers, and other people at higher risk of an auto accident more so at night than during the day.

For example, driving too closely at night is more dangerous than during the day for many reasons. First, the driver of the other vehicle may become nervous with you so close at night and react in a negative way. Second, your headlights can affect the driver in front of you while he or she drives. Third, if anything happens, your vision is reduced, and you have less time to react in a preventative way.

Tip No. 2: Drive more defensively.

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Think about your commute to and from work. How many intersections do you have to go through to get to your destination? According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), one-quarter of traffic fatalities in the United States happen in intersections, making them one of the most dangerous aspects of driving. Vehicles are not the only things passing through intersections; pedestrians and bicyclists also use intersections as they make their way to a destination.intersection-collision-in-california-300x151

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While many may dream of the days where cars are able to drive people to and from point A to point B themselves, for one east coast city, the future may already be here. Following in the footsteps of other technology companies such as Google and Tesla, Uber, the mobile-based taxiing service has unveiled a new step forward in driving technology: a self-driving car. Volvo has partnered with Uber in order to help develop a self-driving car, and their site of development is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Self-Driving_Prototype__1_-300x200

Risks Of Self-Driving Cars

While self driving cars may seem like utopian ideal, in practice, they are not entirely flawless. In fact, experts have cited several potential issues that drivers and passengers alike may face in the future when on the road with a self-driving vehicle. In a report from the Fiscal Times, experts cite several risks of self-driving vehicles:

  • Distractions: A fully active self-driving car will offer passengers an opportunity to take their eyes off the road for other diversions, such as texting, reading, or working. While this may seem ideal for commuters, in the real-life example being introduced in Pittsburgh, an Uber driver must be present behind the wheel at all times during the car’s journey to ensure safety, if need be. If the driver is not concentrating on the road, they may not be able to intervene when the car’s driving intelligence system has a hiccup.
  • Road Safety Will Become Worse Before It Gets Better: While America makes the transition to self-driving cars over the standard vehicle, there will be a mix of autonomous cars on the road along with human drivers. On top of this, the self-driving cars will need to be tested for all types of weather, such as rainy, icy, or snowy conditions. Mixing other human drivers onto the road will make matters worse, as a person is prone to reacting differently than a machine.
  • Computer Driven Cars Will Be Hackable: In today’s age with cyber crimes on the rise, computer security for self-driving cars must be absolutely unflinching. A skilled hacker operating with malice could take over a computer operated car’s system and steal the car, or worse.

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An automobile accident can cause not only bodily injury, but it can be the root of significant stress and aggravation.  Victims worry about medical bills, car repairs, and whether they will need to go to court to resolve their claim against the at-fault driver.  Not all car accident claims end up in a courtroom.  Many times, the other driver’s insurance company will offer a settlement to resolve the claim.  That is how most personal injury cases in New Hampshire are resolved. NH Car Accident Law Suit

However, there are times when a personal injury claim will go to court to be resolved, if an agreement cannot be reached voluntarily.  The NH injury lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. have spent the past twenty years helping accident victims recover for their injuries.  Our injury attorneys are work diligently to make certain that our client receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

When a personal injury case does go to court many factors are taken into consideration before a judgment is rendered.  A judge or jury will weigh the proof presented concerning who was at fault for the collision; were there aggravating circumstances – was the other driver drunk or texting; what are the injuries sustained in the collision; and what is the full measure of the injured parties damages.

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According to New Hampshire’s WMUR Channel 9, road crews are working to install new guardrails in the center medians along portions of Interstate 93 and other New Hampshire roads and highways. Lately, multiple instances of vehicles crossing the centerline and driving into oncoming traffic have resulted in vehicle accidents, personal injury, and unfortunate deaths.

Although the New Hampshire Department of Transportation states that there is no safety issue at hand, and that the noted crashes resulted for inexplicable reasons, federal guidelines have been put into place which now mandates that guardrails be installed on divided highways that don’t have at least 50 feet of median in between them.

Though the question arose as to why guardrails were never installed on some highways in the first place, Department of Transportation officials reason that guardrails provide motorists with something to crash into in the same way that they provide a barrier from crashing into oncoming vehicles. Furthermore, the issue of expense was also highlighted as another reason why guardrails were not previously installed.

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