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50-50-Parenting-Schedule-200x300A 50/50 parenting schedule may sound fair – and it is – but it can also be daunting. Figuring out the schedule that will work best for you and the other parent will be key in making this work. That also means being able to talk to the other parent without anger, jealousy, bitterness, or any other destructive emotion. Here are some ways to make a 50/50 parenting schedule work for you and the other parent. Continue reading →

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For many divorced parents entering the holiday season, it is important to create a holiday visitation schedule that feels natural and comfortable for their child – without tension or parental disputes detracting from the child’s enjoyment. Creating a consistent, reliable schedule with few surprises or last minute changes can help minimize stress for all parties involved. For parents who are still engaged in custody litigation when the season comes around, it may be necessary to begin talks about a tentative holiday visitation arrangement, even if this is not the final arrangement when custody proceedings conclude. As in all cases, the best interest of the child should be the chief priority, ensuring their enjoyment is not infringed upon by divorce proceedings or clumsily arranged visitation agreements.Child-Custody-Lawyers-300x200

Coordinating Child Custody During the Holidays in New Hampshire

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