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2016 brings with it a host of new traffic laws for NH motorists.  New Hampshire has its fair share of traffic-related mishaps. Most of the unfortunate incidents have to do with driving habits and road conditions.  For instance, drinking and driving, especially during holidays, have been major causes of accidents. Driver distractions and inattentiveness, particularly in curvy roads and dark areas has also contribute to may accidents and injuries. new laws 2016download (1)

In 2016, The state has drawn up its own action plans aiming for zero-fatality accidents, total elimination of substance-impaired driving (DWI), enhanced driving discipline, and greater public awareness about safe driving.

As of the New Year 2016, there have been new laws added to the list.  These new laws cover fines or penalties incurred for specific traffic violations, as well as conditions where a New Hampshire driver may be liable for getting cited and penalized.

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