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100 M.P.H.  is Reckless Driving in New Hampshire

Driving faster than 100 miles an hour is not only breaking the speed limit in New Hampshire, it is now classified as reckless driving.  And a driver pulled over going that fast will likely face a hefty fine and mandatory loss of license.100mph

The state house and senate recently passed SB 246 making driving a vehicle at a speed of 100 miles per hour or greater reckless driving.  It was a bill that the department of safety requested and went to the full house and senate tagged “ought to pass” with bipartisan support.

In NH, Reckless driving is much more serious than a standard speeding ticket.  A reckless driving fine is at least $500 and includes a 60-day license revocation.  Additionally, a second offense results in a $750 fine and a loss of license between 60 days and one (1) full year.  Because of the manner in which reckless driving is classified, a convicted driver receives six demerit points on their motor vehicle record.  These points stay on a driver’s record for five years.  Receiving demerit points can also result in higher automobile insurance rates.  It can also lead to being classified as a habitual offender, which could result in a jail sentence.

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