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Surprising Upsides of Divorcing Someone You Don’t Really Like Much

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a couple or a family can have. But while getting through it can be a challenge, it’s important to remember why you made this decision. After all, there can be benefits to divorcing someone you didn’t like all that much anymore.

Better Mental and Physical HealthTenn-happy-after-divorce-278x300

Being in a toxic environment is never good for your mental or physical health. Divorce can give you the time and space to take care of yourself, join a gym, and find a therapist. You’ll also sleep better after ending the conflict and getting healthier inside and out. Leaving all that baggage behind can be freeing.

Better Environment for Kids

A family with two parents that aren’t happy can also be bad for your children’s mental health and development. You’re also giving yourself a chance to model what an amicable breakup looks like and what a future healthy relationship should look like.

You Can Find Yourself

It may sound corny but being alone is a good opportunity to find out who you are, your goals in life, and what you want your future to look like. In a long-term relationship, people sometimes lose sight of “I” in pursuit of “we.” Having the time to discover yourself once again can be an unexpected bonus.

Take Control of Finances

Some of the biggest conflicts couples can have are over finances. When two people have different approaches to saving, spending, and work, it can lead to stressful conflicts and a lot of compromise over core financial values. If one of you allowed a career or work goal to take a backseat to the family or your spouse’s career, a divorce is a good chance to reset everything. As part of a divorce, it’s a good idea to sit down and develop a budget and think about your financial goals as a single person or a single parent.

Hire an Experienced New Hampshire Divorce Attorney

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