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Stay Safe this Spring Break: Avoid These Common Dangers

Spring break has always been the time to unwind after a difficult semester with your friends. However, it is easy to let “unwinding” turn into “acting irresponsibly,” and even easier for “acting irresponsibly” to slide into “being dangerous.”

So, if you are going to try missing New Hampshire’s twelve winter storms in March by spending spring break in the south, keep these common dangers in mind as you enjoy your time off.Spring-Break-2018-300x172

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence (DUI) is not just a serious crime in the United States; other countries take it very seriously as well. In fact, the U.S. is often considered one of the more lenient countries in the world when it comes to drunk driving.

If you are spending your spring break in Mexico, it is important to know that Mexico does not have a national legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC). Instead, it varies by state. While some parts of the country use the same 0.08% standard that the U.S. uses, other states in Mexico have lower limits all the way down to 0.04%.

This lower BAC limit can come as a surprise if you are behind the wheel and feel sober and can lead to significant legal issues after you get arrested in another country.

Getting Lost and Robbed, or Worse

While you are there to unwind, getting too drunk can lead to a host of dangerous situations. Remember that you will be in an unfamiliar place and lose much of your ability to think clearly and rationally when you drink too much. Getting off the beaten path –- even if you are only a block away from somewhere you have been before -– can leave you hopelessly lost… and at the mercy of people who are looking to take advantage of drunk foreigners, especially those who look like they have money.

If you do plan on drinking heavily, the least you can do is to stay in a pack of people you know. Collectively, everyone’s familiarity of the area will minimize the chances of getting lost and deter the nefarious. And this applies even if you venture off to another state within the United States.

Unsafe Adventures

Again, while spring break is the time to let it all go, making spontaneous decisions can lead to terrible outcomes if you do not know or understand the dangers you are about to get into. Research, even briefly, what you and your friends are about to do before committing to doing it. For example, zip lining is fun but also dangerous, and if the company that is giving you a “great deal” on a tour has a notoriously bad safety record, you could find yourself with a serious personal injury and in need of immediate medical attention in another country with numerous obstacles to overcome if you want to enforce your legal rights to compensation.

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