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Spring Maintenance: Check Your Motorcycle

Spring has finally arrived in New Hampshire, which means motorcycle season is quickly approaching. Before you hit the road, it’s important to make sure that your motorcycle is in a safe operating condition. Motorcycles that are properly maintained are less likely to be involved in accidents. Be sure to check the following equipment on your bike before your first ride this spring.Motorcycle-Maintenance_iStock-300x149


Test your brakes and brake fluid levels before hitting the road. Inspect your brake pads for signs of wear. Worn pads can delay quick, emergency stopping that can, unfortunately, result in accidents.


It’s vital that you inspect the rubber that connects your bike with the road. Quality tires help ensure safe and enjoyable rides all summer long. Check the tread on your tires and the air pressure. Worn or deflated tires should be replaced because they can cause riders to lose traction and control in wet conditions.


It’s often easy to forget checking the strength and condition of your battery – until you find yourself stranded in a parking lot far from home. Replace your battery as your manufacturer recommends, and make sure that the battery case is clean and free from signs of corrosion.


Mirrors play an important safety role by alerting you to oncoming traffic. Make sure that the mirrors on your bike are appropriately adjusted. To ensure proper visibility, keep them clean and free from smudges and debris.

Lights and Turn Signals

Lights and turn signals allow you to be seen by other vehicles on the road especially when you are changing lanes and riding in the dark. Test your turn signals and lights before your first ride of the season. Bulbs need to be replaced as soon as they go out. Headlight and turn signal cases should be clean and free from cracks.

Safety Equipment

In addition to checking the safety equipment on your motorcycle, you should inspect your riding gear as well. Make sure your helmet fits properly and replace it when it sustains severe impacts. Boots, gloves, and goggles should also be inspected for signs of wear. Your gear should always be comfortable to ensure your attention remains focused on the road while riding.

In addition to the above equipment maintenance, consider taking a short ride through your neighborhood before embarking on a lengthy road trip. You’ll be able to get a better feel for your bike and gear and any potential equipment issues that need to be addressed.

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