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Spring is here and It’s Time to Make Sure Your Property is Safe

In New Hampshire, springtime is upon us and the last  Nor’easter seems to have passed. Now that we are into May, though, spring is finally here. While the warmer temperatures and longer days are the best parts of the season, yard work and home maintenance also need to be squeezed in as well. Putting these chores off can increase the chances that you get hit with something worse than a blizzard—premises liability.springpink-2254970_1920-300x193

The Strain of Winter Damages Your Property

In New Hampshire, winter is long and grueling. Snow sits for weeks on the ground, untouched, seeping into whatever it is sitting on and damaging it over long periods of time. If untreated before the snow starts falling, or uncared for once it begins, outside fixtures can depreciate, bend, weaken, and soften to the point where they can break without much notice.

If you are the one who gets hurt by these unknown dangers, it can lead to a debilitating injury. If it is someone else who gets hurt, though, it can very easily be you who is made to pay for the costs of their recovery.

Hazards on Your Property Can Lead to Premises Liability

Dangerous conditions on your property can cause someone else to slip or trip and fall and get hurt. Potholes, weak stairs, rotted floorboards, slippery walkways, and crumbling railings can all lead to someone getting seriously hurt if the danger is not apparent and they do not notice the hazard.

The law in New Hampshire puts the responsibility on the landowner to keep their premises reasonably safe for those who are there legally. While the exact definition of “reasonably safe” depends on the precise circumstances of your case, if there is any chance that you did not adequately fix up your property after winter’s beating, you could face a lawsuit if someone got hurt on your property.

Quick Fixes to Minimize the Chances of Someone Slipping and Falling

The scary realities of facing premises liability can be minimized by taking precautions and fixing dangerous conditions on the most used portions of your property. This includes doing the following.

  • Clear the snow from and salt any sidewalks you are responsible for, or walkways that lead from the road to your house.
  • Check the strength of any banisters or stairs that visitors are likely to use.
  • Look for and remove any loose rocks or pavement on your driveway or walkways.
  • Mark any dangers on your property with prominent signs.

When performing these chores, remember that even the most isolated house in New Hampshire should be kept safe for the following types of visitors.

  • Mail carriers
  • UPS or FedEx package carriers
  • Pizza deliverers
  • Meter readers
  • Oil deliveries

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