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Special Dangers Of Large Vehicles On Narrow Roads

Large-Vehicles-on-Narrow-Roads-294x300Narrow roads can be found throughout all types of areas, whether you are in the city, the country, or a residential area. Each of these areas has specific challenges that arise and can increase the danger for vehicles sharing the road with the trucks, rigs, or other types of large vehicles.

Narrow Country Roads

Narrow country roads can be especially dangerous when large vehicles are using them as throughways. Many country roads are curved and winding, creating an even greater visibility challenge and causing maneuverability challenges for the driver of the large vehicle. Additionally, the road’s narrowness (and often, absence of a shoulder) might make it impossible for an oncoming vehicle to pass safely. If the country roads are gravel or dirt, this magnifies the danger of the situation, as traction becomes more of a challenge.

Narrow City Streets

City streets range from wide, multi-lane sections to narrow, one-way roads. One of the main dangers that a large vehicle presents is when it attempts to turn. Turns can be a challenge on the largest streets, especially for a vehicle such as an 18-wheeler with an attached rig. Depending on the nature of the surrounding businesses, rigs might need to access the space for deliveries. Additionally, large vehicles stopped on narrow city streets may block all traffic, creating more stop and go, or even distracted driving as drivers pull out their cell phones while they wait.

Overpasses and Bridges

Other locations that are frequently narrow are underpasses and bridges. Whether they are one-way or bidirectional, they often have little or no shoulder space. Height can also be of concern for large vehicles, as older bridges and underpasses might have a lower clearance level.

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