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Should New Hampshire Increase Its Speed Limits?

New Hampshire Speed Limit IncreaseNew Hampshire representatives are considering a bill to increase New Hampshire’s maximum speed limit from 65 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour, mostly on freeways. However, the debate continues as to whether increasing the speed limit is a good idea, or if it will cost more than it’s worth, according to a recent editorial in the Concord Monitor.

Proponents of the change point out that many drivers already travel at or near 70 miles per hour on New Hampshire’s highways. Since accidents have not increased dramatically in recent years, some proponents state that motorists who travel at or near 70 have proven that this is a safe speed, at least during good road conditions.

Those who are against the new law, however, point out several risks. First, by increasing the legal speed limit to 70 miles per hour, the legislature may be encouraging drivers who are already comfortable going five miles per hour over the speed limit to add another five miles per hour – bringing their average speed up to 75 miles per hour. Second, these drivers may be using cell phones despite New Hampshire’s recent ban on texting while driving. Distracted driving at high speeds can cause serious accidents.

Finally, the speed limit is designed to reflect the maximum safe speed at ideal road conditions: a dry, sunny day without excessive traffic, wildlife, or other obstacles. If the posted speed limit is 70 miles per hour, however, drivers may feel it’s safe to drive faster on days with bad road conditions which may also increase the risk of crashes.

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