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Reckless Driving on Motorcycles in NH

Last week New Hampshire State Police arrested two motorcyclists who were reported to have been driving at least 125 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour area.  The arrest was made on I-93 coming off of Route 101.  State police say they had received complaint calls about the two, Rembert Zambrana, 34, and Erin Crete, 31, both of Litchfield, and were able to catch up with them about twenty minutes after the first complaint.speedometer

Zambrana and Crete are charged with reckless operation as well as transportation of marijuana, which the troopers say they found in the motorcycles. Reckless driving is defined as driving that would puts the lives or safety of the public in danger.

As you may recall, in mid-July, 2014 the NH Legislature recently amended reckless driving to include a set speed of 100 MPH or greater.   Now driving faster than 100 miles an hour fits that classification.  The result of this charge is much more serious than a standard speeding ticket and can include a fine of at least $500 and 60-day license revocation.

A second offense of reckless driving bumps the fine up to $750 and loss of license of between 60 days and one year.

Additionally, a person convicted of reckless driving receives six demerit points on their driving record.  These points are carried for five years and can result in being classified as a habitual offender and result in significantly higher automobile insurance.

Zambrana and Crete, the two arrested on I-93 last week, are due to appear in Manchester District Court on October 6.

If you are charged with reckless driving in NH, it is up to the state to prove that you, as the driver, was aware that your actions could cause substantial harm and you were indifferent to that risk. It is important to have an experienced reckless driving defense attorney by your side during these cases.

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