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Police Suspect Speeding Truck Driver Caused I-393 Crash

A tractor-trailer that overturned while navigating the exit ramp between I-393 and I-93 in Concord caused severe traffic backups as rescue crews works to prevent an oil and gas spill from contaminating nearby wetlands, according to a recent news report by WMUR.

The truck, which was hauling nine crushed cars on a flatbed, crashed as it was going around the exit ramp linking Interstate 393 and Interstate 93. According to investigators, the truck’s driver was traveling too fast to make the turn safely, causing the truck to crash. Luckily, the driver was not hurt, and no other motorists were involved in the New Hampshire truck crash.

The accident did, however, cause the truck to leak gas and oil onto the roadway, which became part of the rescue crew’s major concerns. The leak threatened local wetlands near the highway. Rescue workers were able to keep the gas and oil leaks contained, however, and additional wetlands cleanup will not be necessary. Police are still investigating the accident to determine if a mechanical failure in the truck contributed to the crash.

Tractor-trailer accidents can have multiple causes. Sometimes, a driver who is speeding or is distracted or sleepy can cause an accident. Mechanical or equipment failures can also cause truck accidents, especially if the truck did not receive proper maintenance or defective parts were used. Chemical spills from some trucks can also threaten the health and safety of people who live, work, or driver in the area.

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