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NH Supreme Court Upholds Ruling Requiring Homeschooled Girl of Divorced Parents to Attend Public School

The New Hampshire Supreme Court recently upheld a lower family court ruling requiring the daughter of divorced parents to attend public school per her father’s wishes, according to an article in The Nashua Telegraph. The order goes against the wishes of the girl’s mother, who has been homeschooling her daughter with a Christianity-based curriculum and wanted to continue doing so.

The Supreme Court noted that courts are reluctant to make decisions for families, such as where a child should attend school, and that courts are not equipped to say which type of schooling is best for every child. However, the court noted, when a child’s parents cannot agree on the best type of schooling for the child, the New Hampshire courts may step in to ensure that the child’s best interests come first.

The Supreme Court ruling upholds the decision of Laconia Family Court Marital Master Michael Garner, who ruled last year that full-time public school attendance was in the daughter’s best interests in this case. The Court recognized that both parents have an equal right to make decisions about their daughter’s schooling under New Hampshire law. Since the marital master’s decision did not violate either parent’s rights, according to the Supreme Court, it was allowed to stand.

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