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Alleged NH Drunk Driver Rolled Car, Then Drove Home

In Rochester, New Hampshire an allegedly intoxicated woman driving home rolled her Subaru and left the scene of the accident. Rochester police were called to Franklin St. at around 1:30 in the morning after residents reported a car struck their mailbox and drove away.

Police were able to track down the suspect after finding car parts and items from the vehicle scattered around the mailbox, including a piece of mail with the suspect’s address. Using the address, police arrived at the suspect’s apartment complex where they discovered a Subaru with extensive damage in the parking lot.

A Rochester police lieutenant reported, “She basically rolled her car over, and it came to rest on four wheels and she drove away.” Although police were not able to test her breath alcohol content, the suspect is being charged with leaving the scene of an accident while intoxicated. According to police, there is probable cause that the suspect had been drinking. Her arraignment is scheduled for March 1 in Rochester District Court.

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