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NH County Attorney Charged With DWI, Resigns From Post

Arguably, the public perceives drunk driving charges as something that only happens to irresponsible individuals or alcoholics. In reality, the majority of people charged with DWI hardly correspond to a generally conceived ‘archetype’ of ‘the type of person that gets charged with drunk driving.’ This charge can befall anyone: hard working business professionals, loving parents, the elderly and more. The latter in part is why at Tenn And Tenn, P.A., we understand why so many clients find it difficult to reconcile the idea that they’ve become ‘the type’ of person to get a DWI. We also know that for most of our clients, this moniker does not correspond with their personal image. The same may be said for a New Hampshire county attorney, who was recently charged with driving while

Earlier this month, Manchester native A. Gatzoulis, a Rockingham County attorney, was arrested by Manchester police on suspicion of drunk driving. According to authorities, Gatzoulis’ Cadillac CTS hit a parked Toyota Camry near Ashland and Lowell street. The owner of the Camry heard a loud crash and called the police. Damage to the Camry was minimal and no injuries were reported by Gatzoulis, the Camry owner or any third parties. Upon arriving at the scene, Gatzoulis was identified and police determined he may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Gatzoulis reported his arrest to the Deputy County attorney later that same day and resigned the following day, although he has not yet entered a plea or been found guilty of his charges. He is due in Manchester District Court on the 14th of December.

Rockingham County Attorney’s office released a statement regarding Gatzoulis’ arrest: “Although Attorney Gatzoulis is innocent until proven guilty, prosecutors are in a position of public trust. When a prosecutor is arrested for any criminal offense, the public’s level of trust is diminished in the prosecutor’s ability to make tough judgement calls in the office and in the courtroom. As a result, the Rockingham County Attorney’s Office has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to behavior that leads to arrest.”

DWIs are by no means to be taken lightly; they are a very serious offense that endanger the lives of the driver and everyone coming into contact with them on the road. However, it is sad for an individual to see their life’s work and possibly entire career derailed by a single mistake. Oftentimes, the circumstances leading up to a DWI are more complicated than someone belligerently, recklessly getting behind the wheel while drunk. For example, the driver may not feel intoxicated to the point he or she would not be able to drive – depending on size, alcohol tolerance and the amount of time to elapse since he or she began drinking. The point is: drunk driving cases and DWI charges in New Hampshire are actually far more nuanced and complicated than they seem to the casual third party observer, who may just assume that an irresponsible person made an irresponsible choice.

At Tenn And Tenn, P.A., we understand the confusion, fear and worry that accompanies a New Hampshire DWI charge. We are prepared to put our 20 years of legal experience to work for you, to protect your rights in the courtroom and build a solid defense for you. If you find yourself charged with DWI in the state of New Hampshire, you will need an aggressive, devoted legal representative to fight for you in court. Do not wait to speak to an experienced attorney, contact the Manchester, NH DUI legal team at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. immediately for a free consultation.

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