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New Hampshire Senate Links Driver’s License Losses to Boating Convictions

Boaters who are convicted of certain crimes while on their boats could also lose their licenses to drive a motor vehicle in New Hampshire, under a bill passed recently by the New Hampshire Senate.boat dui penalties

The bill allows the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles to suspend or revoke the driver’s licenses of boaters who are convicted of operating a boat recklessly or of causing death or injury to another in a boating accident. These convictions cover a wide range of situations in which alcohol or drug use may be suspected.

Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is currently prohibited in New Hampshire, but currently, a conviction on this charge usually results only in suspension or revocation of a boater’s license to drive a boat – not the person’s license to drive a car. If the Senate’s bill becomes law, however, a conviction for boating while impaired or intoxicated may result in the loss of a driver’s license as well as a boater’s license, even if the convicted person has never driven a car under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI).

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