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New Hampshire Road Rage Accident Near Merrimack Causes Serious Injury

An accident that State Police say was likely caused by road rage has left one driver with serious auto accident injuries in New Hampshire, according to a recent news report from MyFOX Boston.

The crash occurred on the Everett Turnpike near Merrimack on a recent weekday morning. The two vehicles, a Chevy Aveo subcompact and an Isuzu Rodeo SUV, collided on the Exit 11 ramp off the turnpike. The Isuzu rolled over during the crash, sending its driver flying from the vehicle. Rescue workers rushed the driver to a local medical center, where he is recovering from critical injuries caused by the crash. The driver of the Aveo walked away from the accident.

Investigators state that they believe road rage was a triggering factor in the incident. According to eyewitnesses, the two cars began fighting for position after the SUV cut the Aveo off at a stoplight just before getting on to the turnpike. Police are still investigating the details of the accident.

The New Hampshire State Police note that aggressive driving, including road rage incidents that cause accidents, has been on the rise in New Hampshire recently, though police aren’t sure why. State police recommend practicing patience and “just letting it go” when another driver acts badly. Retaliating may seem tempting, but it can result in serious injuries, death, and criminal charges.

Dangerous driving maneuvers increase the risk of serious accidents, whether they are taken by a driver who is merely careless or one who wants to make an aggressive point. If you or someone you love has been injured in a crash, don’t wait. The knowledgeable car accident attorneys in New Hampshire at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. can help. For a free, confidential telephone consultation, call us today: (603) 624-3700.

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