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New Hampshire Open Container Laws Prohibit Drinking in Vehicles

Like every other U.S. state, New Hampshire law prohibits driving a car, truck or other motor vehicle if the driver is intoxicated by alcohol. New Hampshire is also one of the states that prohibits both drivers and passengers from transporting an open container of alcohol in a moving motor vehicle. In New Hampshire, neither a driver nor a passenger may have an open container of liquor or any other alcohol-containing beverage in the passenger area of the vehicle. Drivers who are convicted of transporting an open alcohol container may have their drivers’ licenses revoked for up to two years.

New Hampshire does recognize an exception to this law, however. An open alcohol container that is stored in the trunk or in the “least accessible area” of the vehicle is permitted. The container must stay in the trunk or an inaccessible area while the vehicle is on public roads or in any public parking lot.

In addition, New Hampshire prohibits minors under age 21 from transporting alcohol in a vehicle, even if the containers are sealed, except in two specific conditions. First, a minor under 21 may drive a vehicle carrying alcohol containers if a parent, legal guardian, or spouse who is 21 or older is also in the car. Also, drivers between 18 and 21 years old can drive a vehicle carrying alcohol if they are doing so for work.

Having your license suspended or revoked due to a drunk driving or other alcohol-related conviction can impose a serious hardship on you and your family. If you’ve been charged with DWI or a similar offense in New Hampshire, please don’t hesitate to contact the skilled New Hampshire DWI defense lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. Call 1-888-511-1010 today for a free phone consultation.