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New Hampshire Multiple Offender Program Lasts 7 Days

Individuals who are convicted of either aggravated DWI or of a second or subsequent DWI offense, must complete New Hampshire’s seven day residential Multiple Offender Program (MOP). The cost of the program is approximately $1,500, and is to be paid out-of-pocket by the individual required to attend the program. The MOP represents but one requirement set forth by the state of New Hampshire that must be completed by individuals found guilty of DWI.

The Department of Health and Human Services maintains information about New Hampshire MOPs and other, state-approved equivalent programs. After completing of the program, continuing after-care recommendations will be decided upon. After all necessary treatment has been completed, license and driving privileges may finally be restored.

For drivers who do not have a prior DWI conviction, enrollment in and completion of the Impaired Driver Intervention Program (IDIP) is required. This program takes the form of a twenty hour course that must be completed prior to license privileges being restored. Just like the MOP, successful completion of this course is followed up with an evaluation process to determine whether or not the individual requires any after-care treatment before license and driving privileges may be restored.

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