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New Hampshire House Postpones Liquor Bill for Further Study

The New Hampshire state House of Representatives has postponed further consideration of a bill that would allow grocery stores to sell liquor in the state. The House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee has instead asked for a study that will weigh the bill’s possible impacts on administrative costs, liquor costs, and the possible consequences, such as any potential increases in drunk driving or other alcohol-related problems, according to a recent article in the Union-Leader.

The bill would allow grocery and convenience stores to sell liquor, but at a lower price than liquor stores currently sell it. Supporters say that the increased sales would make up for the decrease in revenue from the lower prices. Opponents say that increasing liquor availability will mean more work for local police forces and may increase the risks of drunk driving, including an increase in arrests on suspicion of alcohol-related misbehavior. They also point out that many convenience and grocery store clerks are under age 21 and might easily be convinced to sell liquor to underaged drinkers in NH, such as friends or acquaintances.

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