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New Hampshire DUI Sentences Include Required Counseling

Counseling for alcohol or drug abuse is part of a sentence given to drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (DUI) in New Hampshire. Drivers must meet this counseling requirement on top of other requirements that may include jail, fines, community service, and other penalties – and drivers are expected to pay the costs of counseling out of their own pockets.

Currently, drivers convicted of DUI for the first time in New Hampshire can choose between two programs: the Impaired Driver Intervention Program (IDIP), which is taught in the evenings, or the Weekend Impaired Driver Intervention Program (WIDIP), which is taught over a weekend. IDIP participants go about their daily lives between evening classes; WIDIP participants stay in-house for the entire program.

Both programs involve an intake interview, at least 20 hours of alcohol and drug education classes, a one-hour final assessment, and continuing care recommendations, which might include further therapy or counseling. Drivers are expected to follow up on the continuing care even after the initial program is over. The costs for both the IDIP and WIDIP may change without notice, but as of December 2011, the IDIP cost $460 and the WIDIP cost $585, including room and board.

When you think of the possible penalties for being convicted of DUI, most New Hampshire drivers can easily name a fine. But a fine is just one of the dollar amounts a driver facing a DUI conviction will have to pay. At Tenn And Tenn, P.A., our experienced NH DUI attorneys are committed to fighting for the rights of those charged with drunk driving. We will build an aggressive defense that fights for the best possible outcome in your case and protects your legal rights. For a telephone consultation, call us today at (603) 624-3700. The call is free, and any information you share with us is confidential.

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