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New Hampshire DUI/DWI: How Fast Can a Driver “Sober Up” After Drinking?

There are plenty of old wives’ tales about remedies to help people who have been drinking to “sober up” more quickly, whether it’s because they need to drive a car, be able to work, or perform some other task that’s hard to do if one has been drinking.

When a person has a drink containing alcohol, the alcohol first travels into the stomach. It then enters the small intestine, where it is absorbed into the blood. In the blood, alcohol can travel to every part of the body, including the brain, where it affects critical thinking skills, memory, and reaction times. The alcohol in the bloodstream also travels to the liver, which metabolizes the alcohol and takes it out of the blood. Once the alcohol is metabolized, it can no longer affect brain function, and the person “sobers up.”

It takes the average human body about one hour to process one-half ounce of alcohol, or approximately the amount of alcohol in one drink. Some actions, such as eating along with a drink, keeps the alcohol from entering the bloodstream as quickly, which can reduce the amount of intoxication a person initially experiences. However, no amount of cold showers or black coffee will sober someone up more quickly, because these things do not help the liver to metabolize the alcohol more quickly.

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