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New Hampshire Driver Struck By Bus On Route 28

According to a Concord Monitor article, a Toyota Corolla was struck by an unaffiliated school bus on Route 28 in Epsom, NH. The crash occurred in the Jug City Road area. Damage to the vehicle was substantial. The driver of the Toyota Corolla was not identified, but the driver was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. Details on the driver’s condition were not made immediately available.

According to the Police Department, the crash did not appear to have been caused by either driving under the influence of alcohol or reckless speeding. The bus accident in New Hampshire remains under investigation. Information on the driver of the bus was not released. The bus, smaller in size than a typical school bus (but larger than a van) did not have any children on board. It was determined that the bus belongs to a transportation company and has no known affiliation with a school.

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