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New Domestic Violence Law in New Hampshire as of January 2015 – Joshua’s Law

New Domestic Violence Law in New Hampshire as of January 2015 – Joshua’s Law

A new law has recently been passed in New Hampshire that will provide greater protection for those who are victims of domestic violence. This New Hampshire law also known as Joshua’s Law was named after a young victim that passed away due to an abusive father. This radical new law will allow domestic violence to be placed in a category all of its own. In the past, the state of NH charged people who commend domestic violence with assault. shutterstock_39879043

This change in the way domestic violence is categorized will allow the people who perpetrate these crimes to be better tracked. If someone in the future has one or more domestic violence charges on their record, a red flag is going to be sent out to both the police and the courts. This will keep them from falling into the cracks, and this also allows child protective services to better judge a home life situation.

Half of all homicides are direct results of domestic violence. Now with this law in place, the law enforcement will be better equipped to track those who are repeat offenders, and hopefully this will save lives. Getting repeat offenders off the streets is one of this bill’s main goals.

Domestic Violence Is a Serious Matter and You Will Need Professional Counsel

In the state of New Hampshire, domestic violence isn’t something that the courts or law enforcement take lightly. In fact, if police are called to a home regarding domestic violence they are bound by law to make an arrest. While domestic violence is terrible, both the victim and the accused have their legal rights.

When you have been charge with this damaging crime not only is your freedom at stake, but also your good name. Getting down to the facts is what you are going to need to protect your rights. By hiring a professional criminal defense lawyer that is experienced in domestic violence law, you will have someone that knows these specific laws standing by your side.

Restraining Orders

When a domestic violence case has been filed, a restraining order will almost always follow. This can break up families and cause major life changing disturbances to everyone that is involved. So having the right legal counsel just might help make the difference between staying in your home or having to move.

A domestic violence lawyer will get down to the details of what really happened and investigate the situation on a professional level. This type of professional guidance can help put things back together and get your life back. No matter if you are the accused or the accuser, having someone in your courner that knows the ropes is very important.

Facing a charge of domestic violence in NH? When your freedom is at stake, only a professional can help you. Contact an experienced  NH criminal attorney.

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