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Motorcycle Safety Gear

Motorcycle Safety Gear

The motorcycle riding season has arrived in New Hampshire. As such, The Motorcycle Lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. in Manchester, NH take this opportunity to remind bikers of the importance of motorcycle safety gear.  Although some riders complain that riding gear can be hot in the summer months, and cumbersome to wear, the “gear” is often the only protection a rider has in a crash.  If you have ever known anyone who has slid across asphalt at 30 mph wearing a t-shirt and shorts, you have seen first-hand the damage the body endures and lasting scars which remain. Listed below are the most common types of protective gear available to riders of all ages.



A  DOT-approved helmet is probably the most important piece of safety gear a motorcycle rider should wear. Helmets offer protection for your head, brain as well as wind protection for your ears.




Eye Protection

glassesEye protection prevents wind and debris from affecting your vision.





Ear Protection


Earplugs are probably the most over looked form of safety gear.  Wind and exhaust noise on a motorcycle can become damaging to your hearing over time.






There is a wide variety of jackets available to riders. Some offer armored protective gear built -in, while others are made of high-strength durable fabrics. A good quality riding jacket can reduce or prevent abrasion injuries and can look cool in the process.






If you “go down” in a motorcycle accident, it is a basic reaction to prevent your fall but putting your hands out. As such, the hands can suffer considerable damage when a rider is thrown off their bike. Protect your palms, knuckles, and fingers with well constructed, well-padded gloves.


Riding Pants


No longer are riders forced to wear heavy leather pants as their only source of lower extremity protection. Modern day riding pants range from touring, sport and off-road and offer great protection.







Motocross, racing or traditional cruiser style boots are available to keep your feet and ankles protected on a motorcycle.






The Motorcycle Lawyers in NH at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. wish everyone a safe and enjoyable 2013 riding season. Gear-up, have fun and we hope to see you on the open road. Ride safe!!

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