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Motorcycle Accidents & Road Rash Injuries

New Hampshire Motorcycle Attorneys

A motorcycle accident can result in serious and debilitating injuries. Even when traveling at relatively low speeds, motorcyclists face the potential for catastrophic injuries.  Road rash is one of the most commonly sustained injuries from a motorcycle crash. Depending on the severity of the injury, road rash can result in a lengthy period of rehabilitation along with permanent and disfiguring scarring.

Road rash is the term commonly used to describe the soft tissue damage and skin and bone abrasion that result when a rider hits or scrapes exposed skin against road surfaces after falling off or being thrown from a motorcycle. Road rash can range in severity from minor skin abrasions to extensive tissue and muscle damage that requires immediate medical care. Injured bikers sustain road rash primarily on their arms and legs, hands, face and back.


Degrees of Road Rash Injuries

First Degree road rash looks like a bad sunburn. The surface of the skin is red, but not bleeding or broken. Medical Treatment isn’t typically required.

Second Degree road rash occurs when the skin is broken and bleeding. Medical treatment may not be required but over-the-counter creams and ointment will help heal the affected areas.

Third Degree road rash occurs when all layers of the skin are damaged and you can see fat layers and tissue. Medical care should be sought immediately.


Experienced Riders & Lawyers on Your Side

The NH Motorcycle Lawyers are experienced riders and seasoned Personal Injury Attorneys.  We understand that no matter the extent of your road rash injury, injured bikers are entitled to full compensation under the law for their injuries.  Our motorcycle lawyers have more than twenty (20) years experience dealing with insurance companies and pressing personal injury claims against at-fault drivers.  The motorcycle lawyers have the know-how to handle every aspect of your injury claim so that our clients can focus on recovering from their injuries.  Obtaining compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, motorcycle property damage, pain, suffering and emotional injuries, is paramount.

The Motorcycle Lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. offer free case evaluations during which you can learn more about our legal team, your personal injury claim and how our New Hampshire motorcycle lawyers can be of assistance. We strongly encourage all riders to wear a DOT approved helmet and proper safety gear.   Contact us today at 1-603-624-0028






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