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Memorial Weekend: a Reminder on the Heightened Dangers of Driving during this Weekend

Memorial Day travelers in New Hampshire beware: Memorial Day Weekend is, statistically, the most dangerous weekend to drive in the entire year. Between the sheer volume of cars on the road, the rush to get from one place to another, and alcohol, you are four times as likely to die in a car crash over Memorial Day weekend as you are on a regular weekend.memorialdaydownload-300x150

Here are the dangers that you will need to keep in mind, it you intend on driving this Memorial Day weekend and want to avoid a potentially disastrous car accident.

More Cars Mean More Crashes

When the number of cars on the roads increases, the number of accidents that happen rises, as well. It is just a matter of volume: even if the drivers are as careful as normal and get into accidents at the same rate as they normally do, the total number of accidents will increase simply because there are more cars that can get into a crash.

According to AAA, the increased congestion is not small. More than 41.5 million people will travel at some point over 2018’s Memorial Day weekend, and that 36.6 million of those will travel by car.

Hurried Drivers are Worse Drivers

Many of the people who are traveling by car over Memorial Day weekend are rushing to get to their destination. Whether they are hurrying to their destination to reunite with family and friends, hurrying home to get away from everyone, or simply trying to shorten their long commute, these drivers are far more likely to be speeding or driving recklessly, drastically increasing the chances of causing a car accident.

Intoxicated Drivers

Finally, Memorial Day weekend centers on family gatherings, barbeques, and outdoor events. Each of these raises the chances that alcohol will be present. All of them happening together bring this possibility ever higher, and make it a near certainty that someone will be driving while under the influence on their way home. When you are driving alongside this person, even if you are completely sober, the chance that they cause a car accident with you is not small.

In fact, 29.2% of car accidents over a normal three-day span involve alcohol. Over the three-day span of Memorial Day weekend, this rises dramatically to 40.3%.

Safe Driving Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

These dangers make it substantially more likely that you will be involved in a car crash as you travel this Memorial Day weekend. Taking the following precautions can help you avoid an accident:

  • Drive calmly
  • Increase the distance you keep between you and other vehicles
  • Take frequent rests to avoid fatigue
  • Drive deliberately by not making sudden decisions or turns.

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