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Manchester Accident Leaves New Hampshire Motorcyclist with Serious Injuries

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a motorcycle rider in Manchester to crash into the median on Amoskeag Street recently. The crash left the biker with serious injuries.

So far, police have determined that the man was riding his motorcycle on Amoskeag near the intersection of Front Street and Eddy Road when the accident occurred. It was nighttime when the man lost control of his bike, crashing and landing in the median on the road. No other vehicles were involved, but what caused the man to lose control of the motorcycle remains unknown. Investigators have not ruled out factors such as a motorcycle malfunction or dangerous road conditions that may have lead to the crash.

The motorcyclist, a 25-year-old Allentown man, was first taken to the local hospital in Manchester and then transferred to a Boston hospital for additional treatment. He suffered serious injuries to his head and face in the crash. Investigators have not said whether or not he was wearing a motorcycle helmet when the crash occurred.

When a motorcycle crash occurs, many people look to another vehicle as part of the cause. If no other vehicle is involved, some may assume the driver of the bike must have been at fault. However, many factors can cause a bike crash even if the driver handles the motorcycle carefully. Defective motorcycle parts, failed or botched repairs, and dangerous road conditions are just a few of the things that might cause a one-bike crash, but are not the fault of the motorcyclist who crashes.

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