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Keene Sobriety Checkpoint Results in Nine Arrests; Portsmouth to Hold Checkpoint This Weekend

New Hampshire police set up a sobriety checkpoint on Main Street in Keene this past weekend. The checkpoint resulted in the arrest of nine New Hampshire drivers on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), according to a report in the Union-Leader.

The NH sobriety checkpoint in Keene was conducted as part of the increased efforts in New Hampshire and other states to prevent drunk or drugged driving by increasing enforcement of state and federal DUI laws. States banded together to create more sobriety checkpoints and put more officers on patrol over this past Labor Day weekend, because past studies have shown there are more injury-causing crashes involving drunk drivers during the summer holidays.

Now that Labor Day weekend is over, however, New Hampshire police are not letting their guard down when it comes to running sobriety checkpoints. Portsmouth police have planned to set up a sobriety checkpoint this weekend, September 9-11.

Federal studies indicate that sobriety checkpoints are not more reliable than regular police stops at identifying drivers who are actually intoxicated. However, getting the word out about checkpoints may help drivers avoid a drunk driving charge by reminding them of the importance of finding a designated driver or using public transportation if they plan to head to the bar or a party.

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