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I-93 Car Pileup Sends 10 to Hospital

On January 8, a massive car pileup on I-93 near Canterbury left at least ten motorists injured, according to an article published in The Concord Monitor. Although forty vehicles, including a tour bus and a school bus, were involved in the accident, no one was killed.

The Canterbury fire chief described I-93 as “real icy” that day, with a sudden snowstorm making it difficult to see other cars or judge road conditions. Between the ice on the road and the falling snow, drivers found themselves sliding off the highway as they rounded a curve near Exit 18. The resulting vehicle pileup shut down the interstate for nearly two hours as rescue crews worked to move damaged cars out of the way of traffic.

Ten people involved in the pileup were transported to Concord Hospital. According to hospital staff, none of the victims’ injuries were life-threatening, and the hospital released most of the injured motorists the same day.

Winter road conditions including snow and ice increase the risk of car accidents in New Hampshire. Drivers can help protect themselves and their families by driving more slowly and leaving plenty of room to stop. Unfortunately, not all accidents are preventable, and those that do occur can result in severe injury.

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