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How to Talk to Your Boss and Coworkers About Your DWI

Tenn-Tell-boss-about-DWI-300x198If you’ve been arrested for DWI, you’re probably worried about talking to your boss and coworkers about the arrest. You may wonder–do you really have to tell them? And if so, what’s the best way to go about it? Let’s take a look at how to handle this situation.

Do You Have to Disclose a DWI to your Employer?

First things first–no New Hampshire law obliges you to disclose a DWI arrest to your boss or coworkers. However, you will have to tell your boss if your employment contract specifically requires you to disclose any arrests or if your driver’s license was suspended following the arrest and your job requires driving. You will also have to be honest about the arrest if you apply for a job and the application asks about previous arrests or convictions.

If these three circumstances don’t apply to you, then you may decide to keep quiet about the arrest. But if you’re concerned about your boss hearing about it from someone else, or you will need to ask for time off to attend court dates, you may want to tell your employer even if you’re not required. The wisest approach is to discuss the potential disclosure with your lawyer first.

With respect to telling coworkers, there are very few situations, if any, where you’d be obligated to disclose your arrest.

How to Tell Your Employer About Your DWI Arrest

If you must tell your boss about the arrest, choose a moment when they’re alone and unlikely to be interrupted. Explain that you were arrested for DWI and have retained a lawyer to resolve the matter. Assure them that you will not let the incident affect your job performance.

Do not give any details about the DWI or the circumstances leading to your arrest. No matter how tempted you are to absolve or defend yourself, never discuss an ongoing case with anyone except for your lawyer. Anything you say about the DWI to your boss or coworkers could be used against you in court. If your boss wants more details, politely tell them you cannot discuss any case details. If they insist on knowing more, you can refer them to your lawyer.

Hire an Experienced DWI Attorney

Talk to your boss only after you’ve retained a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Your lawyer can help you determine how to best approach your boss about the DWI (if at all) and discuss the potential employment-related consequences that may arise following your disclosure. If you’ve been arrested for DWI, our New Hampshire DWI defense attorneys are here to help guide you through all the challenges ahead. Contact Tenn And Tenn, P.A., to schedule your free initial consultation today.

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