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When Hit by a Driver in New Hampshire with No Auto Insurance-Who Pays?

When Hit by a Driver in New Hampshire with No Auto InsuranceWho Pays?

The United States Accident statistics show that Americans average roughly six million car accidents annually. This staggering figure of accidents claims over 40,000 lives and injures three million people yearly. With these statistics, it is prudent to conclude that auto accidents are the leading cause of personal injury in the U.S. alone. It does not mean that because car accidents are common that the cases are always easy to handle. For this reason, you need a New Hampshire injury lawyer that can help you sort out the issues. shutterstock_224496679

Car accidents are  costly, can cause serious personal injuries and they can cause a major change of lifestyle. You may be left with a deformity that can make you unable to perform your normal functions. Auto accidents  in New Hampshire can be complex because the legalities of compensation are different from that of some other states. Victims of vehicle accidents in New Hampshire have rights in regards to the legal options of our state.

How auto accident laws in New Hampshire differs from that of other states.

In a typical auto accident, the people involved get out of their vehicles and share their insurance information. However, when the one driver does not have any insurance and takes off, the injured party is left with a real problem. Who pays for the medical treatment and other costs when the person that caused the accident does not have insurance? Besides, who pays for the claims when the costs exceed the negligent driver’s policy?

Under-insured and uninsured motorists cause complications when seeking compensation for your injuries. In New Hampshire, the problems are more complicated because the law doesn’t include insurance liability. As such, an injured party needs to file claims with his or her own insurance company.

The law in New Hampshire requires that insurance policies to include the under-insured and uninsured motorist protection. Your insurance, as a result, will cover for time away from work, medical costs, and suffering and pain during the accident. The other motorist can also be sued in person to compensate the injured.

Why it is important that you get a car accident attorney in NH ?

First, you need to understand that your insurance company will never be quick to pay you. A personal injury lawyer knowledgeable about auto accident laws can help you get quicker compensation in such situations.When you hire a qualified injury lawyer in New Hampshire, you will make legal claims for accidents that happened not more than three years within the state. It is, therefore, important that you speak to the attorney as soon as possible.

NH automobile insurance laws can be complicated and difficult to understand.  If you have been injured in an accident, don’t go it alone. Retain and experienced injury lawyer to help. The NH injury lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. have been helping accident victims for more than 25 years.

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