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You or a loved one has been involved in serious car crash.  Or perhaps you were struck while riding your motorcycle.  Maybe you have fallen at a business.  You’re not at fault, and you’re seriously hurt.  You’re receiving medical treatment and are slowly recovering from your injuries.  It’s time to think about whether you should hire a personal injury attorney. justice1

Hiring a seasoned lawyer who practices personal injury law means you will have an advocate on your side fighting for your rights and striving to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.   A skilled injury lawyers has a deep understanding of tort law and the know-how to navigate the complexities of NH’s legal system.

But it’s not just the law that they have mastered.  An experienced personal injury attorney will also know how medical billing works, he will be familiar with icd-9 codes, medical payment coverage provisions, and insurance company file evaluation techniques like colossus, among other matters.

A personal injury lawyer spends his or her days negotiating for their clients and knows what fair compensation is and is not.

Insurance companies may have slogans like, “You’re in good hands,” or “Like a good neighbor,” but insurance companies are in business to make money. They profit from under compensating injury victims. Insurance companies often try to reach a   quick settlement with an injured victim, before they have the chance to consult with an injury attorney.  This tactic may result in the injured party not receiving full compensation for their current medical bills, or for future ones.  Often times, crashes and falls can lead to injuries that require long-term care which result in expensive medical bills and prolonger treatment.   An attorney is well aware of this and will work to ensure you get what you deserve.

If your case does go to court, having an injury attorney on your side will help maximize your chance for a full and fair recovery.  Additionally, because of their training, attorneys are use to being in court and working with other attorneys.  For most people this is not typical and can be intimidating.  When you are already injured and trying to get fair compensation, the added stress of this situation can exacerbate your injuries.

Maneuvering through the aftermath of sustaining a serious injury should be left to a professional.  It can be complicated and confusing process, and it’s most important that victims focus their energy on getting proper medical treatment and healing.

If you or someone you love has been injured, don’t wait to speak to an attorney.  The personal injury attorneys in New Hampshire at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. have been helping injury victims for more than 20 years.   For a free, confidential telephone consultation, call us today: (603) 624-3700.

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