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Federal Study Finds Traffic Deaths Are Dropping Even As Miles Traveled Are Increasing

A study recently released by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that the number of fatal car and truck accidents on U.S. roads has decreased in recent years, even as the total number of miles traveled each year increases.

The study analyzed data from 2008 and earlier years. The NHTSA found that the number of deaths in car and truck crashes dropped nearly 10 percent in 2008. That year saw 37,621 lives lost in car crashes on U.S. roads, compared to 41,259 fatal accidents reported in 2007. The NHTSA called the decline “the largest annual reduction“ of car-accident-related deaths, “both in number and percentage, since 1982.” Furthermore, the study found that while the total number of fatalities in car accidents is in a slow but gradual decline, the number of lives lost per 100 million miles traveled is dropping at a much faster rate, as Americans drive more each year but lose fewer lives.

The NHTSA also reported promising results for passenger car and truck occupants. Over 90 percent of the decrease in deadly accidents occurred in crashes involving passenger cars and trucks. The NHTSA notes, however, that passenger vehicle occupants can further minimize their risk of death in a car accident by wearing seat belts and providing children with proper safety or booster seats.

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