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FAQ: Off-Road Vehicle Accidents and Injuries in New Hampshire

Tenn-ATV-accidents-300x230What’s the most frequent cause of off-road accidents in NH? What injuries can you expect—and what do you need to do afterward?

Car and motorcycle accidents are completely overwhelming, no matter where they occur or what type of vehicle is involved. While you’re healing after your accident, you’re also expected to manage paperwork, delicate negotiations, care for yourself and your family, and more.

We’re here to help you with the clear information you need. Below, find the answers to the top four questions about off-road injuries and accidents in New Hampshire.

Common Questions About Off-Road Vehicle Accidents in New Hampshire

When do off-road vehicle accidents happen in New Hampshire?

Driving ATVs and other off-road vehicles is an increasingly popular summer activity in most of the United States. In NH’s warmer months (May to September), these types of accidents happen much more frequently. New Hampshire has many scenic natural parks that invite ATV use year-round, as well.

What types of injuries are most likely in an accident with an off-road vehicle?

Since ATVs and off-road vehicles operate in uneven terrain, off-road vehicle accidents can lead to fatal injuries. Non-fatal injuries may also include:

  • TBI (traumatic brain injuries)
  • Concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Fractured or dislocated bones

Any of these injuries will require immediate and potentially permanent medical care.

What causes an off-road vehicle accident?

Off-road vehicle accidents tend to happen when:

  • The driver is on a paved surface (ATVs and off-road vehicles handle better in an off-road environment).
  • The driver is inexperienced.
  • The driver is performing a stunt.
  • The driver is overloading the ATV.
  • The driver is in unfamiliar terrain.

How can I prove negligence after an ATV or off-road vehicle accident?

Pursuing compensation to protect your future will involve demonstrating responsibility for the accident. An ATV operator may be able to do so through eyewitness testimony, GoPro footage, medical tests, a detailed mechanical inspection of their vehicle, and photographs of their vehicle and the scene of the accident.

If this all seems like a lot, that’s because it is. But, fortunately, we have good news for you: You don’t have to do this alone. Above all, an ATV accident victim must find an empathetic, experienced attorney to take their case.

Our Skilled, Savvy New Hampshire Off-Road Accident Attorneys Can Answer All of Your Questions

No matter the question, at Tenn and Tenn, P.A., we’ve got the answer—or will work tirelessly for you until we have all the information you need to succeed. Lawyers like the professionals at Tenn and Tenn, P.A., not only understand bikes inside and out; they ride bikes themselves. Our attorneys can leverage this innate knowledge of motorcycles and related trends to help get you the support you need.

If you or a loved one has experienced a motorcycle accident, don’t hesitate. Call the trusted motorcycle attorneys at Tenn and Tenn, P.A., to set up a free initial consultation.

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