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Even if I Don’t Experience Pain, Should I Still See a Doctor After a Collision?

Experiencing a car accident is always traumatizing, even when the damage is minimal and the injuries appear insignificant. When it’s the latter case, most people are inclined to share car insurance information and then be on their way. But sometimes, even in minor collisions, it may be important to see a doctor directly after the accident, and here are a few reasons why.lower-back-pain-after-car-accident-300x148

Sometimes You May Not Know You Have an Injury Initially

There are times when injuries from an accident materialize after the fact. This is very true with head trauma. Your head may have whipped back and forth or struck the window or dashboard of your vehicle when another vehicle collided into yours. Many times symptoms of head trauma, like a minor concussion or whiplash, may not be felt until a day or more later.

The Injury May Worsen if Treatment is Delayed

When medical attention is sought immediately, the doctor or healthcare professional can identify any injury you did not know you experienced – again, like a possible head concussion – and treatment can begin relatively quickly.

On the other hand, if you wait to seek medical attention, and as such, treatment is delayed, your injury may worsen in between the time of the accident and the medical examination. Delayed treatment could mean both worsening of the injury and prolonged medical care.

You Create a Chain of Events by Seeing a Doctor Immediately

By seeking medical attention directly after a car accident, whether you believe you need it or not, you create a chain of events. The nurse or doctor will document any injury or possibility of an injury and link that to the auto accident. Now you have a record to links any future onset of symptoms of whiplash or a minor concussion to the accident.

Your Settlement Offer May Be Reduced if You Failed to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

When you experience any kind of physical jolt or bump your head on anything in the interior of the vehicle as a result of the force of a vehicle slamming into yours and fail to seek medical care after an accident, then the at-fault party’s insurance company may challenge your injuries. Its adjusters could argue that in between the time of the minor accident and seeking healthcare, something else happened to cause your injury.

The last thing you want after an auto accident is to put yourself in a position where you have to fight to obtain full and fair compensation.

Contact Experienced Auto Accident Attorneys in New Hampshire

Not all auto accidents are alike. Some are much more serious than others. But even in minor accidents where you initially do not feel any pain after your head was jolted back and forth, you should see a healthcare professional. You never know for sure initially if it could materialize into something more, so you want to make sure you have a record of it to make things easier later – when you file a claim.

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