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Dump Truck Hits Danville Woman, Sparks Fire

A recent article reported about a local woman’s harrowing rescue from a burning car. A 25-year-old woman of Danville was driving her 2004 Hyundai automobile southbound on Route 125 when she was struck by a dump truck. Moments after the car crash in New Hampshire, as passersby made their way toward her damaged vehicle, the car’s engine caught on fire. The woman and her passenger were rescued from the flaming car, and police on the scene managed to put out the flames. The severity of the driver’s injuries was not made public. Both the driver and her passenger were sent to local hospitals for treatment.

The 29-year-old driver of the 2007 dump truck that struck was attempting to turn onto Roadstone Drive when the truck crossed the dividing line into oncoming traffic, consequently striking the woman’s vehicle in the process. A police chief said that the accident remains under investigation.

Negligence in this case can fall on the shoulders of multiple parties. Dangerous driving practice can hold the driver of the dump truck to blame, faulty brakes or other equipment failure on the dump truck itself can represent blame on the part of the owner of the dump truck. Negligence can even be attributed to the city or other governing body if dangerous road conditions, such as inoperable and/or malfunctioning traffic signals played a role in causing the accident. Regardless of who is deemed to be the responsible party, negligence will undoubtedly be revealed to have played a major role in causing this accident that consequently injured two people and potentially could have harmed even more.

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