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Drive Safely During Halloween

With its quaint rustic atmosphere and large stretches of raw lands, New Hampshire has a moderate number of car crashes each year as compared to many other states.  Yet, like many other states, New Hampshire has its own share of car crashes, particularly during the Halloween season.  Our NH injury lawyers have reviewed the safety statistics and have outlined below some of the most common reasons why road accidents are at their height during Halloween, even in a quiet state like New Hampshire. Halloween_Safety

Trick or Treaters. During the Halloween season in New Hampshire, you can expect many trick or treaters on the road.  Most are young children who may not be aware of road signs and approaching vehicles as they scoot around the neighborhoods seeking candy and other treats. And since trick or treating usually occurs after sundown, children are often outside in the dark and may not easily be seen by motorists until they run out in front of vehicles.  Costumes may also be partly to blame as they can be too bulky or impair a child’s vision (especially masks and headgear).  Some costume accessories, such as very tall and heavy hats or oversized footwear, can cause children to lose balance or trip on the road.

Excessive drinking and partying.  Halloween isn’t just for children.  Adults also hold many house and office parties during this time.  And at adult parties, expect a lot of eating and drinking.  Irresponsible adults will insist on driving even after drinking.  Excessive drinking of alcohol can cause a serious if not fatal automobile accidents.  Vision and driving acuity can be impaired by the driver’s costume, especially if the costume blocks vision or limits movement while he is behind the wheel.

Time of trick or treating and partying.   Halloween-related activities are done after dark to create an eerie atmosphere.  Parties usually last after midnight so people are either very tired or possibly intoxicated by that time as they walk or drive home.  Keeping a look out for pedestrians may not be a driver’s primary focus after a eventful Halloween party.

Winter weather.  Like its New England neighbors, New Hampshire’s winters are generally earlier and heavier than most other states .  New Hampshire has seen snow in October, particularly at Halloween.  Snowfall leads to icy roads which can cause collisions, and fog can lead to poor road visibility.  Freezing rain, cold temperatures and /or snow may cause obstruction and risk of collision.

The key to avoiding accidents during this season is to follow some sensible Halloween safety tips.

Install snow tires.  Even before the start of snowfall, have snow tires or chains to prevent skidding on icy roads.

Teach trick or treaters the safety rules.  Ensure your children take precautions while walking, especially obeying traffic signs and lights.  Let them bring flashlights or lamps to light their path and make them more visible to motorists.  Encourage them to go out in groups, as there is safety in numbers.  Better yet, you or another adult should accompany them while trick or treating.

Don’t drink and drive.  Avoid a possible DUI.  If you have had too much to drink, consider staying at your host’s place for the night or appoint a designated driver to bring you home.  Even when you’re just walking home, consider having someone accompany you to ensure that you don’t cross into the path of oncoming vehicles.  If you are injured while trick or treating, contact an experienced and award-winning NH accident attorney at Tenn And Tenn, PA in Manchester, NH.  We are here to help.  We wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween season.



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